Sunday, Cummy Sunday  

Cpllooking6671 54M/49F  
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11/22/2020 5:26 am
Sunday, Cummy Sunday

Sigh - end of another weekend.
At least (hopefully for you too) it's a short week!

Enjoy todays selections- maybe a couple might be of interest

Cpllooking6671 54M/49F  
2722 posts
11/22/2020 5:28 am

Have a great rest of your day and thanks for looking!

WyoCowboy7751 67M
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11/22/2020 6:15 am

First picture would certainly put a NICE end too the weekend ; as would the last picture with a willing Gal outdoors in the snow

Ohioman2019 56M
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11/22/2020 6:17 am

Nothing better than a creampie! Thanks for posting!

luvstongueuse 64M
148 posts
11/22/2020 7:09 am

Damm..!!!. I remember what it was like to cum like that before the BIG

BudGeyser 52M
13 posts
11/22/2020 7:52 am

Great selection pics!

wildthoughts 65M  
1155 posts
11/22/2020 8:13 am

And fun was had by all , nice

XHamburgDave 77M  
10339 posts
11/22/2020 8:45 am

Great Pics Been far too long

Please visit my Blog "Older but no Wiser"

oraljim201 72M
5970 posts
11/22/2020 8:54 am


Leegs2012 47M
58390 posts
11/22/2020 9:44 am

Yummy Cummy..all HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Happy Sunday!!

13899 posts
11/22/2020 10:18 am

Fuckin Hot!!


Sexczy69 65M  
3466 posts
11/22/2020 3:09 pm

Any of these would make ones Sunday great for sure....

Virgo6969s 27M
1471 posts
11/22/2020 7:17 pm

Hot and kinky

slim677 53M
114 posts
11/23/2020 6:40 am


Avonsenior 67M
937 posts
11/23/2020 5:22 pm

I LUV them they put a smile on my face

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