Happy August! Hope it's better than March-July...  

DavidDude42 56M  
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8/2/2020 4:07 am
Happy August! Hope it's better than March-July...

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YO! I'm REAL and I hope you are to! If so, ask me anything, I'm pretty much an open book.

Be well All-o-Y'all!

author51 57F  
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8/2/2020 5:09 am

Happy August.Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could return the favour..

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

DavidDude42 replies on 8/2/2020 7:38 am:
Candidly my dear I wish I had you in my life. You look delicious and delectable.

Thank you ever so much for commenting on my lame Blog.

I'm still trying to figure this place out and how to make it work for me...

Happy Sunday!

Be well!


1Shy1981 39F
2 posts
8/2/2020 7:18 am

Hi David, what is it you get being the add in for MFM? Do you like being the other guy only offering pleasure then go?

DavidDude42 replies on 8/2/2020 7:53 am:
Hello Casey!!!

Well let's see. I have the fantasy of being involved in a DP, I've watched it in Porn (one of my favorite types of Porn) and it seems to me the lady REALLY enjoys it. I like fucking both Pussy and Anal (Give, not receive) and I love the idea of blowing her mind and being part of that. With all of my partners thus far I've been able to try this only using a toy for the 2nd cock. I have no interest in men, but I love fulfilling HER fantasy.

I also like the idea of one of us in the back, one in her mouth and changing ends, taking turns. Same reason, blow her mind with endless orgasms, and feel like i was a hero.

I will enjoy it like crazy.

As for the "Just go" there is a HUGE attraction to the "no drama" no strings aspect. I'm as close to a male nympho as exists, I have needs, but Last few years WAY TOO MUCH DRAMA. I've been a good boy/man my entire adult life and kinda got screwed. I'd like to be naughty now.

I'd LOVE to have an amazing kinky committed live-in girlfriend and we BOTH play in the swinger community! That would ROCK.

Hope that answers. You'd probably be AWESOME as the GF, if you lived closer...

be well,

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