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Welcome to Pals Blog
Posted:Jun 3, 2013 1:10 pm
Last Updated:Jul 23, 2020 6:27 am
Welcome to my blog. The original purpose was rather serious, however it has evolved into a flight of fantasy, flirting and naughty fun.
Of course the original posting is below,and is still very much active
Just sharing please read it and come back for continuous updates. It is about Daddy's Girls! (AGE friendly) ((DG))..

Although not required, I would appreciate it if you did sign in below.

Relax and enjoy your visit

Just sharing
Posted:Nov 26, 2012 4:34 pm
Last Updated:Jun 26, 2020 3:03 pm

This is an email I sent recently. It is redacted some, to take out the names of the recipients. They know, as well as my friends know who they are. Also several minor changes were made to clarify for new readers without altering the content.

Well, I think enough time has passed, so I can write this a bit calmer. I will first start by saying how sad I am at what you two (*****) are doing to DG. Your “cleaning out” of people that don’t tow whatever weird concept you two now have of a good room. Banning folks that mentioned their concerns. And even getting rid of Superstud, as a DG room member and Moderator (as you did to me as a DG member and Moderator). without any notice or discussion with him, even when you had evidence that he did nothing wrong!!!!!!! Your callous mistreatment , and lies about ***** and banning her after so such faithful service she provided to*** shocked so many regulars, do you think that did not cast a shadow on your integrity?( remember you do not operate in a vacuum, there are many eyes out there). I still have friends in DG , they are also shocked at what DG is turning into. The few mods they see, allowing trolls to run amok. It is apparent now as I reread our last conversation in Best (yes, I did cut and paste every single word of it) that you already decided that you were going to get rid of me for whatever reason you fabricated in your mind. And you did ban me from KR the day before this last discussion in Best, I am not stupid, I knew something was up. And With the lag in the conversation, you were providing ** with the words to say and then since you did not have the nerve, you had him ban me. And don’t pretend to tell me it was a “private” conversation, as*** said it was, I know you left it posted in Best so that all the mods could read it. The shock of reading it caused several to contact me about what went on. That is another example of your dishonesty. You in particular were dishonest in our conversations on “Y”, all of our conversations always ended with us working out whatever we talked about (if you have forgotten, I can give you a copy of each of those conversations). And then you bring them up in our last conversation in Best , saying that I was being disrespectful to you (the copies of our conversations clearly show that you lied to *** on that count). And as for me being a team member, I have been a very successful team leader and member with people of integrity for well over 30 years, always sharing my views, with Leaders and subordinates ,and soliciting their input. My mistake in this case was not realizing that you two had and have no integrity and certainly have no leadership qualities and no experience dealing with people with integrity. And I have come to the conclusion that the “complaints” from the regulars in DG was a fabrication (you two are so willing to violate privacy and promises (like you did to me) , but will not give me any information). By the way, how is the unbanning of**** going for you? As you say, he was such a nice guy. Please, take off your blinders and look at current issues with regulars in DG and their comments, you will see that it is getting more and more apparent that you are messing a good thing up. I have no interest in coming back and am sure you had never considered it anyways. To end on a positive note, thank you for allowing me to be part of DG for a while and making some very good friends. Also I am glad you woke me up and got me out, before the decline of DG started, saved a lot of heart burn for me, I am sure.
I just wanted to share my thoughts.
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Private Mail box
Posted:Nov 7, 2013 6:08 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2020 12:43 pm
I figured, maybe is time to have a private mail box. If you have anything to ask, comment or just say, this is the place to do it. Anything sent here is going to be kept private, unless you say you want it shared.

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⎝🔴⎞ ⎝🔴⎞ Wait it out
Posted:Aug 4, 2020 6:41 am
Last Updated:Aug 4, 2020 6:48 am
I was going to do some BBQ today. Unfortunately this area is on the edge of the remnants of this Hurricane. I doubt it will be real bad, however we have heavy rains, high winds and just south of me 3 small tornados . So to be on the safe side I am putting the BBQ on "wait list" for another day. How is you weather? Has this hurricane impacted you? I hope all is well for you. I guess while I sit things out watching things go by, I will lull myself into some dreams of BBQs past and maybe the future

📚 🥂❤️ Smooches and seduction
Posted:Aug 3, 2020 5:49 am
Last Updated:Aug 4, 2020 6:49 am
I received some very good advice yesterday. It was explore seduction. There are of course many aspects seduction. Today lets talk about kissing and it importance or lack of importance to you. I personally love kissing, it is so important with hugs, cuddling or snuggling. I have formed an opinion (not sure how accurate), that good kissing is a sign of a mature partner, that is into love making. What makes a good kiss for you? Is kissing important to you?

👅👄 Dominate?
Posted:Aug 2, 2020 6:39 am
Last Updated:Aug 3, 2020 3:17 pm
There are many views regarding who should be the dominant member in a relationship . Or even if a dominant partner is desirable. Or is a “co-equal” relationship preferable? Is dominance a mental thing, or physical? How does it manifest itself in a relationship sexually? I'm interested in what you all think...(note: my choice of words below is only to provoke thought and stimulate conversation, not to denigrate either gender) Do you feel that men, by natural selection, are supposed to play the dominant role? Or do you feel some women are meant to take the lead in a relationship ? As you can see this post is kind of vague, I would like to stimulate some conversation on this subject.

📚 🖥 Word that :)
Posted:Aug 1, 2020 7:00 am
Last Updated:Aug 3, 2020 5:30 am

Here are some words that actually have been added the The Oxford Dictionary. As our daily attention spans get shorter and shorter and our lives become more fast-paced - we're cutting more and more corners with our vocabulary. Which goes a long way explaining this list of modern additions - do you agree with their inclusion? Here is a short list of some of the words. Do you use these words?

1. Bling (n): Expensive, ostentatious clothing and jewelry.

2. Bromance (n): A close but non-sexual relationship between men.

3. Chillax (v): Calm down and relax.

4. Crunk (adj): Very excited or full of energy.

5. D’oh (ex): Exclamation used comment on a foolish or stupid action, especially one’s own.

6. Droolworthy (adj): Extremely attractive or desirable.

7. Frankenfood (n): Genetically modified food.

8. Grrrl (n): A young woman regarded as independent and strong or aggressive, especially in her attitude men or in her sexuality (A blend of “Grrrr” and “Girl.”)

9. Guyliner (n): Eyeliner that is worn by men.

. Hater (n): A person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing.

. Illiterati (n): People who are not well educated or well informed about a particular subject or sphere of activity.

. Infomania (n): The compulsive desire check or accumulate news and information, typically via mobile phone or computer.
13. Jeggings (n): Tight-fitting stretch trousers for women, styled resemble a pair of denim jeans.

. La-la Land (n): A fanciful state or dream world. Also, Los Angeles.

15. Locavore (n): A person whose diet consists only or principally of locally grown or produced food.

👩‍❤‍💋‍👩 Let them loose
Posted:Jul 30, 2020 7:04 am
Last Updated:Aug 1, 2020 3:15 pm
I here by declare today Sexy Freedom Day!!! It is a day where you can let the "boys and girls" loose for the day. It is a day to transition from the bonds of captivity in the house clothing to the of the swing . If there was such a day, would you enjoy participating? I think I would, why not have some freedom? You can be as naughty or nice as you want to be. Lets assume there is no social taboo, do you see any downside to it? Lets hear what you have to say.

Posted:Jul 29, 2020 5:44 am
Last Updated:Jul 30, 2020 3:12 pm
National Lasagna Day is on July 29th, bake up a pan of the Italian pasta dish. Due to lasagna’s broad noodles, the pasta lends itself to layering. A variety of ingredients such as cheeses, meats, vegetables, and sauces create a delicious blend of savory baked layers. Overall, I am not a big pasta guy. This is an exception, it draws me in and is in technical terms "yummy" . What I find fun is making it, so many different techniques. High on the list is cheese and sausage. I am going to put a small one together today and enjoy it. Are you a lasagna person? To you have a type you like? If you make it yourself, what would it be?

🥂❤️ Your choice?
Posted:Jul 28, 2020 6:17 am
Last Updated:Jul 29, 2020 3:43 pm
It is the warm / part of the year. A great time fool around with clothing. Get some ideas for what you want wear, and what you would have others wear. Comfort is a necessity so maybe lighter materials, simple cuts are in line. I used be a bit more exotic with clothing, but that is over for me as maturity is changing the "hanging" aspects . A lady deserves be comfortable, so her choices are important. what are your thoughts? Are you for lighter cloth / material? What is your favorite choice of clothing? Here are some of my thoughts

👅👄 Chocolate,, yummy
Posted:Jul 27, 2020 6:19 am
Last Updated:Jul 28, 2020 3:25 pm
Chocolate chips are so beloved by me. There’s no wrong way to eat these morsels, whether thrown into ice cream, muffins, pancakes or anything else we can use as an excuse for a chocolatey bite. Of course, nothing beats fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. I am admitted cookie monster, so I am having a day for my favorite cookie is OUTSTANDING!!! Do you have a favorite cookie? Do you have other things you would like to do with chocolate?

)*& Puerto Rico
Posted:Jul 26, 2020 6:51 am
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2020 6:21 pm
I thought I would recycle a picture with good memories for me. This was in the evening on the balcony during a vacation in Puerto Rico. I had had a lovely time with a friend, and was just relaxing with one of my favorite beverages was kicked back and recuperating. The ocean breeze was blowing from the beach cooling me off nicely . What a lovely sensation being naked and having the ocean breeze caressing me. Have you had the opportunity to enjoy a breeze this way? It was even better when she joined me on the balcony {=}

👩‍❤‍💋‍👩2️⃣ Lets do some toons
Posted:Jul 24, 2020 7:02 am
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2020 2:56 pm
Why not , Friday morning is the time for me watch cartoon shows. And I suspect many of us have a little hidden inside. Lets add any sexy cartoon character to this post also. What is yours? Feel free to post a pic or bling.


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